Cow-boy & Amor

I wish I could say
Some of those lovely words
That flys in the sky
With their wings of iron

On the air I whisper
In a microphone,
The sound of the words
On the wind that I moan

Feel to shy, too stupid
To say easy things
That makes curves in my head
‘Round the steel of my lips

If I scratch the cover
There’s softness and curls,
And a rope of red roses
To bind our bodies.

But human create metal
Carpets, sidewalks, and office
Things open but others closed
Because humans are weaks

And I love but I hide
Behind the shield of my words
« Don’t care if you die,
You fucking mother fucker. »

Cow boys are loner,
Because of guns and girls,
Guns kills for ever
Girls are eternal pearls

I wish I wouldn’t be one
But things have to be done
So remember that song,
It’s for you that I’ve wrote…

Mon amour under my armor
Mi amor on a book,
Let me love you from far
As far as I shoot

Cans and big guys,
Bigger than I,
As far as my love
Will never die.

Be beauty,
My shiny honey,
You surround me
With your souvenir

One day we will join for ever
And have rest together,
We’re eternal by the choice we’ve made
We’re beautiful through the poems we raise.