About the fact of licking…

I try with my brain
To understand
How did I get
To that point,
But it doesn’t matter,
I assume n’ keep on.
I wasn’t on stage,
Not even repeting,
So I don’t know how,
But I had some ink
On my mouth,
On my tongue,
N’ my poems were far,
They always stay at home.
So I know it’s not one them
Which attack me or what,
And I don’t understand
How happened all that.
I was trying to find,
Not in the sky,
Something like a link
To make sense about it.
The ink on my tongue,
The link in my head,
Yeah I know !
I’ve been licking one poem !
But who’s poem it is ?
It taste so different !
Is that lemon or ice cream ?
No ! I know ! I got it !
Between childhood and spring
Sugar and skin
Smooth and bitter,
Red and pepper,
Like space infinity
To the bite of reality,
Or some crème chantilly
On the top of coffee,
I was licking your poem,
And it taste like strawberry.