Rage against the artist

I’m a big poetry fucker
I kick her ass all day long
I bounce her back
I shake her legs
I do her boom-boom-boom
In the back room
I’m a very bad lover
I love but I hurt
I ask her to lick my shoes
I leave her for dead
I drink her lips
I go far and far
I come back to break her eyes
I say look at me !
I whisper in her ears
I scream when she says no
I say I hope you so and so
I say I mean I’m sad
I say I can’t leave without you
I shout : « dirty bitch !!!!
I long for you
I long for you
I long for you
I long for you
I long for you
I say suck my knees
I say I got nothing but you
I say I got the world for me and you
I say I don’t care
I say come back
I say don’t leave
I say I’m scared someday you will
I have my heart beating… beating
Beating… beating
I say I know you…
I say I’m falling help me
I say I don’t need your hand
I’m big now
I wish I wouldn’t be
I say I’m going mad, sad, bad
I beg-beg-beg-beg-beg your pardon
I will ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-catch your nose
I say kiss me now
I say I’m so sad
I say where are you ?
I say I can’t see
I say I’m blinded by the light
I say i’m angry
I say I miss your lips
I say bye-bye
I say see you soon…
I say don’t die
I say wait
I say I come back
I say I care
Only about you.

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