Poème d’amour pour Steve J.

O Steve
My Lord, my King
You don’t know but
When I see you i want you to…
Ring ring ring !
Ring my iPhone
You’re so sweet so clever…
No words can tell
How much I love
All of what you do,
You got to know, it’s true
That I wanna bite
In your big Apple !
Leave up the Silicone Valley
And come with me in the valley
We will run through the fields of grass
And tell each others sweets words
On our iPhone…
And whisper few moans.
Come into my App store
You’ll see I have many skills !
Let me impress your Retina display
And play with just one of my finger
On your multi-touch screen…
We could do tactiles things
On our IPad
And I swear, I won’t tell your dad.
I wanna be your iPod Touch
With lots of your gigabits,
I never have enough.
Come on Shuffle my feelings
You’ll never be Nano with me.
I love the way you’re strong
Just as Stainless Steel,
With you I feel so real.
Listen to the music of my heart
On your iPod
Do you ear that song for you ?
My poem, my ode ?
Ô Steve,
Far from you
I feel inside of me such a lack !
I have only one question,
Steve, do you wanna be My IMac ?


  1. Avatar de Une Bâtarde
    Une Bâtarde

    Enfin un hommage intéressant ! Dommage qu’on ne se soit pas entendu à gauche 😉

    1. Avatar de Poneyland

      Merci beaucoup, et je suis sur qu’y a plein d’autres domaines où s’entendre. 🙂

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